Whatsup at Primerica?

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Mar 31, 2015 8:15 pm

As a 16 year veteran of A.L.Williams and Primerica as a Branch Manager (called “RVP”), I will say that much of the negativity is exagerrated, BUT is founded in truth.

PFS is a captive company in every sense of the word. Limited products and very, very strict restrictions on it’s reps.

Their term life product especially is very limited, only guaranteed for 20 years and very expensive.

The securities side of the business is treated as a “step child” or “second class citizen”. Limited option, very low commissions, and abysmal training.

Though Primerica is not a “scam” per se, the truth is the large majority of reps earn very little. In fact the average reps earns about $6,000 per YEAR.

Then of course is the bane of their business model… recruiting. Though there is not intrinsically wrong with that the problem is that it is the primary and dominant focus. Not training, not client service, and it is difficult for reps to earn a good living WITHOUT recruiting.

I’ve written up story here: http://pfs2px…com

Aug 7, 2015 3:52 pm

I am proud to be part of this company. While it is not an easy business, I believe there is abundant success to be had. They allow for a part-time effort while you have a job that you hate. I feel that most of the peanut gallery here has no idea about Primerica or the principles they stand by. For one, Integrity is key, as shown in this recent link of “America’s Top 50 Most Trustworthy Financial Companies” published by Forbes.

We help families realize it is ok to have goals and we have a solution for them to achieve those goals and dreams. Based on the family’s debt and computed results, we can tell a family when they will be out of debt. I think it is so awesome when you see the relief come over the faces of the defeated people who receive the presentation. If you want more information on the business, I would be happy to help you.

Sep 1, 2015 3:28 pm

Ok for all of you that say Primerica reps don’t know how to do things. Do we not hold the same licenses as you? 214, 256, 6, 63, 26, 63 and 240. How many of you life insurance agents have all of those? No many I bet as most life agents only sell life insurance. You say we have crappy products. Here are some of the products and companies we work with. Primerica Life, Primerica life of Canada, National Benefit LIfe, Met life, Lincoln, AXA, Aig, Prepaid Legal, Answer Financial, Geico, Heartford, 21st century, Allstate, Safeco, Progressive, Equifax, Freedom Financial, John Hancock, LTCI Partners, Genworth, Scholars Choice, Ascensus, Alliance Bernstein, American Century, American Funds, Invesco, Fidelity Advisors, Franklin Templeton, Legg Mason, MFS, Oppenheimer, Pioneer, Putnam, Lockwood Advisors and I guarantee I missed a few.
We have multiple lines of business. Life insurance, Long Term Care, Pre-Paid Legal, Auto and Homme insurance, Mutual funds, Iras, 401(K), Annuities (Fixed, Variable, SPIA, GIB, Fixed Index), 457 programs, 403B programs, Small Business Solutions, Simple Ira, Sep Ira, profit sharing, Money Purchase plan, Ira/payroll deduction plans, Long Term Care Business Solutions, Coverdell, 529 plans and Managed accounts. I may have missed some here also.
Now the question is. Does your firm offer this many choices? Some of you may say yes but I bet most say no. I also bet most of you sell products from the same companies that we do. I also bet that the sales load is the same (front and or back end). I bet your variable annuities don’t have a decreasing fee for the client when they put more in just like mutual funds. I bet your management fee is close to ours, some may be more and some may be less. But I bet most of can’t do managed accounts with an opening balance of 25K.
Now please explain to me how our products suck when you all sell most of the same ones?

Sep 1, 2015 3:38 pm

One last thing that you all mention is the MLM structure. I made it to RVP by sales not recruiting. I know many people that don’t recruit and many make over a 100K. As in all sales companies not all will make that kind of money but many will. Also note that Primerica does have more 100K earners that any of your financial firms and more million dollar earners. So not get over your selves and realize one thing. Primerica is here to stay. Fyi last We were with Lincoln for just over 2 years and we are number one in sales for them now. Met life can say the same as we have been number one producers of the VA with them for years and years. When we stated with AXA the first year. We were also the biggest first year producer that they ever had. sorry we are just that damn good.

Sep 1, 2015 3:47 pm

Just noticed something funny. You blast us for recruiting I clicked on a few of the negative posters. I found out a few of you are recruiters for other companies. Funny how hypocritical you all are. Also blasting other companies as an advisor you should know is a no no and not very ethical. But that’s why I joined Primerica because one of you ripped me off. I will not mention the company name as that’s not ethical. I have a crusade to take your business away from you. In 2008 I only lost 1 investment client and I have about 500 now. That is the only investment client that has left me. Can you say the same? LOL we now the answer to that.

Sep 23, 2015 9:14 pm

^ I wonder why you take to a message board to defend your companies position. People like you don’t make your company look any better, they do the opposite.

Nov 20, 2015 5:38 pm

Rebuttles on a few comments above:

Yes, other firms recruit, but NOT in the many or degree at which PFS recruits. There is a tremendous difference between being an MLM/Pyramid/Network Marketing company that happens to sell limited financial products. And a financial planning company that happens to allow recruiting. One focuses on recruiting more and more; the other focuses and customer service and helping the Advisor truly make money.

If you’re currently in PFS, look around and see how many Advisors earn even $50k+ without recruiting.

The statement above claims Primerica has “great” products.
a) PLIC is about the worst and most expensive term life you can find. It’s only guaranteed for 20 years, has restrictive age/lengths, tough underwriting guideliens etc.

b) For the other companies that are mentioned, PFS only offers a limited number of their products, and usually only ONE variation. This is especially true in the variable annuitiy space. For example, Lincoln VA has about 7 varieties, PFS offers ONE. They STILL do not have Jackson nor Forethought which arguably have the finest VAs.

This is, and always will be a major problem for a captive company such as PFS - they’re too slow too change and are woefully behind. Their salesforce is too large and uneducated. I’ve spoke to many RVPs over the years and it’s shocking how little they knew about how the investment industry really works.

Not even understanding how their own trails works,

not knowing that those trails get paid out a lower rate than the upfront commissions.

not knowing your commission rate is locked-in the level that you were when you wrote the sale. For example, if you’re at 30% when you open the acocunt, but 5 years later you’re an RVP (at 62%) and the client adds money, you do NOT get paid at 62%, but instead at 30% (and all the trails over the years were locking in at 12%).

and it goes on, and on, and on…

Jan 20, 2016 8:46 am

“Primerica does have more 100K earners that any of your financial firms and more million dollar earners.”

Primericas biggest lie is their big earners list. Its actually not only cumulative back to 1977, but cumulative by level. A $1M earner will then also be counted at the $50k and $100k levels as well. Its in fine print but most just look at the pretty numbers which are highly distorted by the cumulative effect. When you rework the numbers without this distorting accumulation, only about 5,980 reps have ever earned more than $50k LESS EXPENSES in 38 years, and many never repeated those numbers since.

Feb 6, 2016 9:11 pm

@mptpro When you mention the degree of recruiting there its no exaggeration. Since 2009 alone, they have recruited 1,502,173 people. 84% of them quit before obtaining a license, but after paying their $99-$199 sign up fee, and possibly buying a policy and training materials.

During that same time, 243,167 licvensed reps also quit.

They are an MLM pyramid meat grinder.

Feb 6, 2016 9:18 pm
primerica rep:

One last thing that you all mention is the MLM structure. I made it to RVP by sales not recruiting. I know many people that don’t recruit and many make over a 100K. As in all sales companies not all will make that kind of money but many will. Also note that Primerica does have more 100K earners that any of your financial firms and more million dollar earners. So not get over your selves and realize one thing. Primerica is here to stay. Fyi last We were with Lincoln for just over 2 years and we are number one in sales for them now. Met life can say the same as we have been number one producers of the VA with them for years and years. When we stated with AXA the first year. We were also the biggest first year producer that they ever had. sorry we are just that damn good.

Since 1977, Primerica has had a grand total of 5,980 reps who made the $50k+ level, during any BEST 12 month rolling window, including advances. However, there have been 100’s of thousands of reps during that time (349,167 since 2009 alone). Many never repeated those earnings. They represent a total of only 1% of all reps in their history. Those are not annual earnings, but rather a snap shot of their best 12 months. That is hardly anything to brag about!

Feb 6, 2016 9:25 pm


Primerica has been a joke for years, therefore you’ll hear little from anyone here as they’re not taken very seriously. Are there successful reps there? Yes and No.  The very very few who succeed soon leave for a real firm to gain some credibility in the biz.

SO… you see them not being seen as “credible” or “serious” as more important than how many people they help? I’m looking at their 2010 numbers and they have over 50 sales people who make 7 figures - more than any other financial firm. They have 2,000 sales people who make 6 figures - more than any other financial firm. When they did their IPO in 2010, their share price was $19.15. Today, it’s $39.64.

If you strip away your obsessive need to be seen as posh and glamorous, you might just see that the facts demonstrate that they are a force of good in the world. Facts. You know what I’m talking about?[/quote]

That is incorrect. As of 12/31/14, their Destiny brochure shows that a total of 68 reps exceeded $1M, but that was during any best 12 month period since 1977. Many never repeated those levels, and there have been over 500,000 reps in their history.

Apr 11, 2016 11:59 pm

the reason people hear bad things is because people that have been offered a job and not do it and say negative things is because they think they should not have to take a state test, get background check, and actually work… people are lazy and want things handed to them and if it isn’t they say negative things because they don’t want to do anything to better there selves … just got hired with them i have done all they have said to do and my first sale with them was $350 so i know it is truly qualified company, thats how you know when people dont know anything its crazy that people talk about something they dont know about this business is the biggest financial service business in the USA and Canada

Jun 2, 2016 7:22 pm

@mptpro You’ve been away from the firm since 2006 and can justify the rebuttles? It looks like you’re just frustrated you could never make it big in PFS. Ultimately if you were a broker(RVP) it was your responsibility to run your office with the culture and focus you wanted to achieve within compliance. I have multiple friends in the business who pull in 6 figures annually from just their investment business inside of PFS. hundreds of thousands are recruited by firms annually across the country to go take the 7, 66, 6, 63, 65, L/D, P/C, etc and hundreds of thousands fail or drop off as the industry has continued to see a downward trend in the number of active advisors across the country. Are those hundreds of thousands counted towards recruiting numbers at W&R? EJ? MSSB? BAML? RJ? Should I keep going? The answer is no. They don’t count as a new associate until after they have passed their exams and completed training. Primerica’s 2015 financials were outstanding, the products have multiplied(Lincoln has over 7 products offered thru the annuity pipeline with Primerica) not to mention multiple products from AXA, MET, AIG, etc. the pipeline is well oiled. Since the 2010 IPO the direction of the leadership has shifted to a significantly more professional full meal deal concept with clients vs the Citigroup years of leveraging a giant sales force with those premium priced products you were referring to that are no longer in the active marketing system. With over $1.6 billion in MA AUM through a partnership with Lockwood in just over 5 years Primerica Advisors has jumped in to the top 25 IA’s in the country on a very basic platform right now. You don’t have to recruit the world, you only need a few key people who are focused on delivering comprehensive solutions and you are a $250K plus year office in 3-5yrs. It’s not rocket science, learn your trade so you can deliver for clients, develop a brokerage, and bring others on. Simple process - Primerica aka AL Williams was a concept built from the Waddell & Reed platform, is it multi-level? Does your wholesaler and Parsonex make money off you every time you sell a client a Forethought or Jackson VA? Wait don’t answer that you might associate yourself with a multi-level marketing company! Come on grow up and quite whining everyone from the advisor to the CEO makes money on transactions. Some win and some don’t. Some think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, then get there and realize the lawn still needs mowed, watered, and fertilized and sometimes it has moles, bugs, and other unexpected challenges.

Is Primerica or really any firm for everyone? Not a chance. Primerica does allow you to get your feet wet part-time, small investment in licensing currently less than $200 to knock out your Life, 6 & 63, online platforms to study and pass your 26, 65 with minimal costs just pay the exam fees. Significant infrastructure in web based training has been developed over the past 24 months to give new reps an opportunity to develop competency and confidence at their own pace.

Jul 7, 2016 5:02 pm

The problem with a lot of naysayers, like I was is that people mess around and quit there job to pursue it full time. Any job for which you get paid on commission, should not be pursued full time. That’s rare common sense. The people are knowledgeable and successful people.

Another noteworthy factor is that is noted on the NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE, as publicly traded. (PRI) Pyramid schemes are NOT PUBLICLY TRADED. Therefore, it is NOT A PYRAMID SCHEME.

But people who were not successful would still insist. Although of course, McDonald’s and Walmart are structured the same exact way. Abundance of low-paid employees with zero chance of corporate earnings. Corporate earners with 5-6-maybe 7 figures of income.

Whereas with Primerica, the likelihood is greater, like a real business should be structured. Take it from a zealous skeptic. The logic of this whole pyramid scheme is coming from competitors and people who gave up in the business.

I am sure if it were not legit it would not be on the NYS or dominating New York’s growth.

Sep 8, 2016 7:31 pm

I’m just going to re post this because this guys gives a great explanation of how it works. Primerica is actually a great company that has a system that works, and eventually those who put the effort on it and understand the business and are starters looking for knowledge, this a great place to learn about the financial business. Unfortunately, no all Primerica RVP locations are great, which eventually affects some of the integrity of costumer service of the company; although, no all their agents are great, their products are awesome (yes the they don’t have the best prices compare with other companies, but you now that you are guaranteed to get what you been offer unlike others companies and can be 100% trusted). Now, if you seem to come across with some of the best office in Primerica you would feel so lucky to be able to be part of them, and all the knowledge that you are going to learn and room for opportunities.
Amber_M wrote:
It is MLM. So you won’t survive as a sales rep at Primerica. You must build a team to move up in the commission structure.
So what you are saying is NO person working there is acutally a long term planner. Everyone is a recruiter.
How can that possibly work?
You have a little bit of an idea of how it works but not necessarily. It isn’t truly a pyramid scheme. Why? Because you aren’t paid to recruit but paid on the sales of your recruits. Recruiting is senseless if the recruits do not produce some sales. It really is a two-part process; you generally make sales and then recruit the client. The idea is that if the client is happy with the product, he/she may enjoy selling it. That’s how i’ve recruited for the past year. However, i’m transitioning into a full-time recruiter/trainer role to build a team of sales agents.
To get to a comparable commission standard of say, 50% on life insurance sales and mutual funds. You must do the following;
To get to the district leader level you must:
A. Recruit 3 people
B. Of those 3 people, 1 of them must recruit 3 people.
C. You must have life insurance sales of $2500 in one month(this can include team sales, or the sales of your recruits).
Now if you’re comfortable with a commission standard of 50% on life insurance sales, then that’s all the recruiting you must do to get a comparable industry standard commission rate; recruit 3 people.
There are individuals comfortable at the 50% commission level because it is pretty comparable to the industry standard. There are actually quite a few district leaders, many of whom focus solely on sales.
It is another story to get to the RVP level which is highly desired. Life insurance commission is 110%, mutual sales commission is 62.5% of B/D charge, and AUM trails of 0.766%. The life insurance sales commission is nearly double that of most firms; metlife, ny life, massmutual, ing etc.
In order to get to the RVP level, you must have a team which produces $25,000 in life insurance premium for two months straight. You can only be accountable for $10,000 of that life premium, $15,000 must come from your recruits. In addition, you must produce 4 district leaders(4 people who have recruited 3 people etc, as shown above). So it is impossible to focus solely on sales if you want a good commission standard. Once promoted, you are never downgraded, you won’t have to recruit anymore.
So to sum things up; those who focus “SOLELY” on sales at Primerica usually don’t survive. The main thing to note about Primerica is that 90% of individuals with the company work part-time and usually hold other jobs. Why you ask, because the company encourages recruitment of those who already have a job, partly because it is showcased as a part-time income opportunity. You only pay $25/month for financial needs analysis tools, pdf marketing materials, e&o insurance(The lowest price for E&O on the internet is $495/year from eoforless.com), and online applications for life insurance and mutual funds.
The main reason people don’t survive is that they find it difficult to get to that district leader level. Once at that level, it is pretty difficult to find a comparable insurance/mutual fund company that offers the same benefits; no sales quota, $25/month charge. In addition, I’ve found that many individuals who get licensed often leave to a rival firm such as MetLife, MassMutual, Northwestern Mutual or some other insurance/mutual fund company. Primerica is partly a licensing mule for the financial services industry; you get life/health insurance and series 6/63 for about $200 if you acquire the licenses within 3 months of joining. There is no contract to sign nor do you have to repay the licensing fees should you leave the company immediately after passing the exam. All other insurance/mutual fund companies such as MassMutual/ING Direct/Northwestern Mutual/MetLife/NY Life/Prudential/AXA Advisors make their employees pay for licensing and E&O insurance. Two things that Primerica does not require you to pay.
Most independent financial advisory firms charge fees for E&O insurance, office space, technology/fna tools etc. I’m not comparing it to a wirehouse which pays for all of that. But it is not easy to get a foot in the door of a wirehouse with no sales experience.
I’ve contemplated a move into MSSB/ML/WF to target high networth individuals. However, I still don’t meet that 3 year sales requirement that most big firms have. ML PMD has asked for 3+ years of sales experience and MSSB gave me an interview only to say more sales experience is necessary. I guess that’s just how it works in southern california. I’ve read so many stories of individuals getting into ML PMD/MSSB/WF straight out of college on this forum and it baffles me because the only interview I’ve ever gotten for an FA role during college was for Private Wealth Management and that’s not even sales if you don’t complete the two year analyst stint.
I can understand why individuals push others to join wirehouses. I’d honestly say go for ML/MSSB/WF over Primerica. But some people need some sales experience before the big names will even look at them. And Primerica is a place for that. I can simply print out my sales reports, aum/life insurance in force reports from morningstar, etc and walk into a wirehouse showing that I have made sales. I did that but they have asked for more sales experience. Go figure.
To sum things up, if you don’t recruit those 3 people, of which 1 recruits 3 people, there’s no reason to stay at Primerica because you could go to MetLife/MassMutual/ING Direct/NY Life/AXA/Prudential and get a 50% life insurance sales commission. But that commission rate is fixed at 50%. Whereas at Primerica, you can earn 110% commission but you can only get there by recruiting for some period, it could be a month, it could be a year, or it could take you years to get there. Some opt for the fast track, and that is to recruit heavily which I intend on doing. From the advice of one of my colleagues who has made it to the RVP level. It took him 1 year of recruiting heavily, averaging a total of 8-10 recruits a month to get those four district leaders and $25,000 of team premium per month. The thing that most people don’t understand is that a shop which produces $25,000 in team premium results in the owner or head recruiter receiving about $10,000/month in income. Now, my buddy, focuses more on mutual fund sales, last month he brought in just over $1mm in mutual fund sales which netted him a commission of just over 6k. He states an average month is about 20k in income of which about 10k comes from his own personal production and 10k from his team of approximately 70 individuals, most of whom, he says, works part-time. That doesn’t include his AUM trails, if you are an RVP and have about $15mm AUM, your yearly commission trails is about $115k. So if you do the math, at other firms, you get what 50% of a 1.5% annual fee, for $15mm, that’s $112k. Pretty comparable, right? Many RVPs don’t recruit so heavily and are more focused on mutual fund sales now as Primerica has become more accommodating to securities sales.
Some people think this is all Kool-aid that I’m feeding. But i’m being honest, you have to recruit for a specified time period before you can really succeed with Primerica. Recruiting is harder than life insurance/mutual fund sales. You have to convince people to either A. Change careers or B. Take on a part-time career. On top of that, the position is straight commission, you must be licensed, and it is sales oriented. Not everyone is naturally good at sales or a good test taker or willing to try a commission based job.

Oct 9, 2016 3:20 pm

I nothing good to say about Primerica most of the posts here are about reps wanting to get ahead, recruiting, buidling a team and reaping big commissions on the team they have. The guys on top benefitting from the team you building. I come from the end of a victim based on the rep (advisor) who was advised negatively in order to reach commission status and/or increasing the possibility of RVP status. Was further told and or advised how to handle the investments which involved all of my retirement capital plus more. Leaving me with debt since I had high debt as well. The advisor only wanted to have a large investment portfolio creating commissions and creating financial gain for both the advisor and PFSL surpassing the losses the consumer may have because of the advisor need to get ahead based on my investment. Many of the heads that are on top of each team some may educated and some may have come up the ranks producing a healthy income. As in my position the advisor was not educated in any sort of financial education and how to handle an investment based on retirement and didn’t stop at any lengths to move ahead financial gains. So my question are these reps taught in training how to get the whole nest egg or is it the manipulation of the rep to receive revenue that the advisor so much wanting. Going beyond the reqirements that the rep has to designation to freely give recommendations. Further when questioned by Primerica states the rep never stated that. The rep later lie of the recommendations the rep gave to the consumer. Is this the makings of a good advisor and what consumers are looking for thru Primerica. The makings based primarly on the ethics of a used car sales person. With holding documents that are within the consumers file only to find out what further was happened to further increase the advisors gain for wealth and Primerica. Primerica will at all costs protect the advisor of what the rep wanted to accomplish with retaining the investment even tho the rep lied and produced documents unknown to the consumer for years down the road. Is this what Primerica produces in the educational plan of creating wealth and leaders of reps under thier care. Are these the reps that you entrust your wealth that had taken a life time create. This is the relationship I had Primerica and the rep they trained. I have nothing good to say about Primerica and warn about to is contemplating doing business with Primerica. To further get the proper financial people advice before entertaining the idea of investing your hard earned money to uneducated reps, passing by as accredited financial advisors. The reps come by as trusted friends. I t was always my ethics not to do business with people who come across your friends. But somehow with the relationship that was acquired but this rep, I took the rep as what the rep was doing for my best interest. In relation I started receiving documents outside the investment as advised by the rep the debt that created. Not only did I have high debt, my debt increased after the advise trained by Primerica. I caution anybody entertaining of doing business with Primerica and thier reps to come in fully educated. Good luck to everybody.

Nov 12, 2016 12:13 am

Funny. I have had family in Primerica for 30 years and never touched it. They've never pressured me and honestly I thought to myself oh it's just an mlm recruitment bs company. I never bought they were legit. Then for the first time while on vacation I went to my cousins office, saw the recruits and went out with him for a day. I singlehandedly witnessed him sign a 1.4 million dollar investment and he made flipping $60,000 grand. He's been an RVP and he isn't a jerk off or a sleazy a** loser. Maybe he's a rare breed, but the dude rakes in over $300,000 grand a year. He lives in a palace, his home is 5,500 sq ft. his wife doesn't work. He travels the country and to Europe. He works when he wants and yes he works pretty hard when he does. I own a business and I am slave to earn money. He isn't. He seems successful. I don't doubt they have good products and if trained properly then it can be successful. He has been there since 1993. If it was scam his lifestyle would be otherwise. And to those who say yeah right I have physically seen the bank account, the checks and the tax returns.

Nov 14, 2016 5:33 am

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Mar 2, 2017 3:45 pm

Dear friends, I entered this site due a comment to reviews someone reviewed. This comment was by MO Money.

Have you ever heard of FAKE NEWS? HOW ABOUT FAKE REPORTS?

It is a common ploy of others to demote the competition by speaking all kinds of lies about them. They post these reviews based solely on their agenda.

I am 64 years of age and have sold Elextrolux Vacuums door to door for 8 years and have 30 sales people under me at that time in one of my stores. I also have sold cars, ATMS, and now Insurance.

There is a sure thing you can take to the bank about the things you hear. They are all biased to their bent!

If they are putting down a company it means they made wrong choices and decisions. Or more likely they failed at their endeveaurs and now must bust the reputation of the people they are upset with.

Every insurance company has a product line. Some have higher fees in one area than another. Comparison is absolutely nessacary to your needs and affordability. In selling cars I have people come in and bash me endlessly for price discounts. It is actually sickening that people want to steral my living so they can be a little richer.

However, it is the way our society does things as the greed center is incredibly out of control. We have seen the President on the USA make deals in 30 days with Airplanes that astounds the brain as to why others never did it.

I have been a sales manager and trained people to believe and break the unbelief syndrom they have been captivated right from grade school. We were taught only the great JOCKS were worthy.

So all people have different abilities, time availabilty, and desires of levels of income. There is one great sickness in society it is " COMPARING ONE PERSON TO THE OTHER."

I had one person who wanted to sell 20 vacuums a month but only had 3 hours a week to work. WON'T HAPPEN. Another person in Primerica has a restaraunt and has little time. She only knows a few people as she came from another country. Obviously she wants to grow over time a small part time income. Then there is another like me who would like to train people and grow a sales team.

I have heard all the stories of people slandering Primerica and others immature in the business of Primerica also degrading other companies ways of selling. It is all IMMATURITY.

We have Manulife managing a portfolio for us and also Primerica Life and RRSP portfolio. We get better service from our personal rep at Primerica and our returns at each place is similar. There are differences in fees charged. Based on these factors my wife and I will continue to invest at Primerica Concert. Our Life plan is not whole life or universal as they don't sell that as their philosophy is not to over buy Life and use the rest to invest and deal with getting out of debt and staying out of debt.

I personally agree and appreciate their training. No other company has ever offered me training and the ability to really come to understand.

Yes they have a mlm factor of ways of paying and growing a team. There is no illigality in any of it. Those who are adverse to this simply do not understand the benifits. It is only one other way to do business. NOT RIGHT OR WRONG AS MANY SLANDER IT TO BE.

I am not an agent with them! So this is a customers point of view. I also have taken the time to educate myself.

If I was totally sold out on making HIGE PROFITS as an agent I would go with a bigger company to become an agent that has no care of they over charge. If I am people centered and want to help people and do the BEST FOR THEM not my pocket book Primerica would be my choice.

I have strongly considered it as a career and still am. Vehicle sales is a cruddy way to make a living with the competitions and bad credit business today. I would much rather help people realise their mistakes in finance even with vehicle purchase than continue to keep them enslaved to the market place keep them in payments their whole life.

So I am close to changing. I hope this will be insightful. The last comment I would say is this... no matter what career or company of choice is for you... get professional and stop slandering others. Get off your butt and do something good and become the success you want to be. Hard work, honest and integrity leaves no room to slander others. Get rid of the disease of negativity of your mind and become a leader instead of destroyer.

Jul 1, 2017 8:08 pm

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